With over a century of combined experience, the lawyers at Gray Pannell & Woodward LLP are known as one of the foremost bond, disclosure and underwriter’s counsel in Georgia.

In 2008, Tom Gray, Jim Pannell and Jon Pannell recognized the need for a new kind of law firm in Georgia – one that concentrated on the complex issues in the ever-changing world of public finance. With the addition of Jim Woodward, the law firm of Gray Pannell & Woodward LLP was formed. GPW provides Georgia with lawyers strategically located throughout the state, in Savannah and Athens, and is the firm of choice for meeting the financing needs of Georgia’s communities.

Our roles in transactions are diverse and numerous, we have worked on the forefront of public finance law as counsel to hundreds of clients, including state and local governments and authorities, financial institutions, hospitals, power utility systems, educational institutions, and private companies. We work with clients to ensure their financings are structured to minimize costs and maximize financial benefits.

The lawyers at GPW are trusted advisors to their clients, with a history of efficiently closing deals and delivering the most value to our clients and their communities. Our work has paved the way for major capital improvement projects throughout the State of Georgia. But we don’t just close a deal and move on. We have developed long-term relationships with many of our clients because we are committed to making sure our client’s needs are met long after closing. We understand effective representation does not end when the documents are signed.

GPW is not just a law firm. We are motivated by opportunities to make Georgia better. Our lawyers are involved in their respective communities and recognize the importance of knowing, understanding and leading the communities we serve. We are dedicated to our clients, our communities and the future.

We strive to be Georgia’s best public finance law firm. Get to know us and our work.

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